Top 3 Togetr 2019 innovations for manufacturers

Togetr promising innovations for manufacturers in 2019image-4

Innovation is pivotal for businesses to remain globally competitive. The Togetr innovation agenda enables Manufacturers to take the next step to increase competitiveness and strategic position.

Innovations are instrumental for manufacturers today. Manufacturers -applying Togetr technology- start executing on the Industrie 4.0 vision. During 2019 three key innovations became available for manufacturers: Togetr (Supply Chain) Planning Solution, Togetr SignalZ (IIoT platform) and the ReactJS Based User interface These innovations were built in close cooperation with the Togetr innovation partners, universities and innovation labs.   Togetr Supply Chain Planning Solutions – Sales & Operation

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a key process where executive level management regularly meet and review projections for demand, supply, and the resulting financial impact. Although manufacturers seem to be investing more on the product life-cycle and smart factory dimensions than on the value chain dimension, it is fundamental to the Togetr vision to address the (Supply Chain) Planning Challenges. The lack of single ownership of the entire value chain  makes disruptive innovation challenging. Manufacturers though focused on optimizing their ecosystems offering new value and service levels to customers might very well end up being the true winners of the smart manufacturing race. In 2019 Togetr designed a disruptive Planning framework and delivered the Planning solution to their innovation partners. From global PERT project based Planning to detailed Shop Floor Scheduling. Low-code applied to the core of Enterprise Value Chain Challenges!

Manufacturers need to combine disruptive technology  with a combination of strategic alliances and new business processes that link the value chain with new levels of digital data traveling along with physical materials, components and products.

Togetr SignalZ: IIoT Platform availability

Low code addresses a lot of Enterprise IT challenges. The industrial internet of things referring to interconnected sensors and instruments   with computers' industrial applications requires more. The IIoT connectivity allows for data collection, exchange, and analysis, potentially facilitating improvements in productivity and efficiency. To address these challenges is fundamental for tomorrows manufacturers! In 2019 Togetr SignalZ became available. Togetr SignalZ  is an analytics platform that is based on a time-series database, it provides information dashboards and support Phyton based algorithms.  

In other Togetr solutions the IoT dimension became available. The best example is the Togetr MES solution delivery. Togetr MES provides closed loop Statistical Process Control. Digital Factories – support by Togetr MES-  are able to identify special causes of variation and take action without over-controlling the process. It reduces external failure cost by customer complaints, internal failure costs of rework and process yield, including material, labor and lead time, it reduces appraisal cost of incoming and final inspection.

Togetr User Interface: React & Kendo Based

User Interface technologies did evolve rapidly over the last few years. Factory workers as well as knowledge workers need an intuitive, instructive User Interface on all types of devices. After an in-depth analysis of the existing frameworks and library sets ReactJS was chosen by the Togetr team for multiple reasons.

  • ReactJS provides a component-based structure, were components form building blocks. Each Components has its own display logic and rendering information. One can re-use components anywhere as needed.
  • React provides Easy State Management: ReactJS solves the problem of managing the UI state, which is the most common problem with normal JavaScript.
By using React the Togetr developers can Better Focus on Business Logic. React is supported by a strong Ecosystem and Active Community. This means that the React framework code is solid and continues to be refined in regular intervals.
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