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How to prevent a VanMoof scenario

21 July, 2023 / Anne Geurtsen

This week it was officially announced that VanMoof is bankrupt. The well known Amsterdam ‘cool’ E-bike manufacturer with customers from Tokyo to New York. Customers had to pay € 3,500 to be able to ride such a bike.

Unfortunately and really sad, because it is / was a great Dutch company to be proud of. According to Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, "it is a disappointment for the Dutch manufacturing industry. Especially because the Helmond solar car manufacturer Lightyear, also a public favorite for a long time, also ran into problems six months ago. Both new manufacturing companies had sky-high ambitions with consumer products: Lightyear wanted to turn the car industry upside down like a new Tesla, just as VanMoof wanted to become the Apple of bicycle builders."  

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Tecnotion starts with Togetr Digital Factory

30 June, 2023 / Alex Wilbrink

Tecnotion, specialized in the production and customization of high-tech direct drive motors, started the implementation of the

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'Making IoT applications for our manufacturing customers’

21 June, 2023 / Anne Geurtsen

Rick van de Kuilen has been working at Togetr since September 2022. I interviewed him to introduce a new face behind

Rick, you have been working at Togetr for almost a year, why did you choose Togetr at the time?
I studied Information Technology at the CHE (University of Applied Sciences Ede, The Netherlands) and did my graduation project at Togetr with a student team in the spring of 2022. It was a successful innovative project and I knew where I would want to start my career: an innovative software company with an open atmosphere and nice people. Moreover, at Togetr there is little hierarchy and the communication lines are short. 

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Why FPS Electic chose Togetr ERP

15 June, 2023 / Alex Wilbrink

FPS Electric from Rijen, The Netherlands, has chosen for Togetr ERP. FPS Electric is an ambitious and fast-growing manufacturer

The choice for Togetr was preceded by an extensive selection where various suppliers were assessed. The main arguments for choosing Togetr is the excellent fit of Togetr ERP with the business processes of FPS Electric. Frank van de Staak, CEO FPS Electric: "Togetr ERP fits very well with our configure to order business type and that will definitely help us to further scale FPS in the Netherlands and abroad."

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Is Statistics Key to Scaling Up High Tech Sector?

15 February, 2023 / Alex Wilbrink

High Tech seems to have ended up in 'Perfect Storm'... 
In the High Tech industry, extremely high quality requirements apply. In addition, the supply pressures on the High Tech sector remains high. Technological developments are changing at lightning speed, OEMs demand shorter production cycles and an ever smaller chance of errors. We also see an increasing demand for High Tech precision products. This is partly due to geopolitical shifts whereas the US and the European Union are investing billions in 'resourceing' High Tech production to their own continent.

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ASML and the stove pipe...

5 December, 2022 / Alex Wilbrink

And there it was again: the stovepipe metaphor. We were invited to a meeting at ASML in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Meeting up to talk about the Togetr software solutions, in particular about the issue of supply chain logistics. Are there opportunities to increase the scalability of the supply chain due to digitization? Which planning concepts are important? Can the automotive supply chain serve as an example to the High Tech?

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High tech products, low tech processes...

18 November, 2022 / Alex Wilbrink

In the southern and eastern regions of the Netherlands there are a lot of high tech companies. What is happening here in the Netherlands is viewed with admiration elsewhere in the world. At the Precision Fair this week in Den Bosch, The Netherlands you could see this with your own eyes: great innovative companies that present their high tech achievements. The ASML momentum is of course one of the main driving forces behind this. But ASML would not be able to deliver their unbeatable EUV lithography systems without the highly innovative suppliers they have committed to themselves.

However, there is also a phrase going around in the industry: high tech products, but low tech processes. What is produced is unprecedented and world-class, but various people in high tech say that the production and delivery processes in the supply chain can and should become much more efficient. We think there are 3 reasons for this.

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Togetr Supply Chain Portal 2.1 is available

19 August, 2022 / Alex Wilbrink

Togetr Supply Chain portal has been released

Togetr Purchase portal is a platform for buyers and suppliers to digitize their supply chains. Supply Chain partners integrate their supply to become more predictable. The Togetr Platform is the foundation for a self managing Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven supply chain. Demand & supply chain calculated along the value chain are part of the Togetr proposition as well. 

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Togetr strengthens its Low-Code Platform adding Dynamic Dossiers

19 August, 2022 / Alex Wilbrink

Dynamic Dossiers strengthen Low-Code Proposition

Togetr strengthens its Low-Code platform by providing a Dynamic Dossier solution: Togetr DDL. Our development team has completed the first version of Togetr DDL for customer adoption. With the rise of low- application development platforms, Togetr manufacturing customers are asking support for easy development projects done by their own staff. Togetr DDL makes it easier for business users to create their own IT solutions without complex coding.

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Do organizations opt for best-in-breed or all-in-one?

19 August, 2022 / Alex Wilbrink

The advantages, disadvantages, and trade-offs of both approaches for manufacturing companies

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