Togetr Service Module

Togetr Service Module

You want to completely unburden your customer. To proactively provide your installations with service. In addition, you deploy your technicians effectively through smart scheduling. And respond quickly and correct to customer demands.
Transform business operations and empower employees to respond quickly and proactively to customer needs. Solve problems by connecting the entire organization. Automate processes from the front office to the back office. Intelligently route cases to the best employee and gain insight into the full lifecycle of cases. Monitor services to identify issues and notify affected customers. Solve problems faster by analyzing workflow trends to improve automation and efficiency.
These are some of the promising benefits our Service Module provides.  Read below in more detail. 


Togetr Service functionalities

Togetr Service delivers on Customer Succes Management.

Call Management

Call Management functionality allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of the service, from customer call to deployment to invoice. Registering questions and challenges of the customer and making them actionable offers your organization a proactive customer approach.

Service Orders

A service order represents a maintenance technician's visit to a customer on a certain date. Service order lines represent the hours of work that must be performed by the service technician. You can add tasks and objects to a service order line.

Installations & Machines delivered

Insight into the operation and quality of installations and machines you delivered to your customer is very important. Maintenance and management is essential in this respect. Installations have become more complicated and have gained an even greater share of the operating costs of a machine or product.

Service Planning

Plan all your service and assembly assignments efficiently and clearly. Ensure good coordination between the office and the field staff. Share your schedule with colleagues and communicate effectively.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics enables you to perform a better service. Current and historical data are compared and used to make predictions on where parts need service and take preventive actions.

Service Contract Management

Contract management helps you to easily and effectively manage and monitor all your contracts during the contract term. You save costs and reduce risks. This gives you more overview, insight and management information.

What makes Togetr Service unique?

Togetr Service offers the following unique functionalities.

  1. Enabling a servitization strategy. 
  2. Predictive maintenance by sensor-based analysis -  proactive service provision.
  3. Support of integral life-cycle management - as designed, as build, as serviced and maintained.

Togetr Service Business Value

Togetr Service creates the following business value:

  1. Enterprise value increase by servitization strategy which delivers more steady and annual recurring revenues.
  2. Prolonging the life-cycle of your machines, installations or products.
  3. Higher service quality through configurable checklists and services activities based on variable customer requests.