Togetr Planning

Togetr Planning

Supply chain planning helps you align product offerings with customer demand using forecasting, smart algorithms, pricing strategy, and inventory management. The planning solution can also be used for chain dynamics.
Due to the unlimited computing power of the elastic cloud, the Planning solution offers the possibility to advise smart scenarios to the planning in which material and capacity planning are integrally weighed.
Depending on the business typology, demand planning, project planning, material planning, sales & operation planning, order planning or workload management are important.
Understanding the dynamics of the delivery process supports the ability to quickly and adequately execute the right planning action.

Togetr Planning Functionalities

Be responsive through smart and dynamic planning, internally and throughout the supply chain.

Near Realtime(MRP) Planning

The Togetr Planner solution is designed to make the dynamics of demand and planned deliveries plannable. The demand and the demand characteristics remain transparent to the planner regardless of the position in the chain or product structure. Every change is calculated -near- real time. The planner always starts from the current situation.

Sales & Operation Planning

Aligning the sales plan with the operational planning (S&OP) is a strategic process. It aligns various functions of a manufacturing company at a higher aggregation level. It aims balancing supply and demand in the medium term. Togetr S&OP supports this alignment process and provides insight into the status of the operations related to demand.

Workload management

Togetr offers a powerful planning solution for detail planning and workload management. You can manage the sequence of your execution and release schedule. This ensures that your plan is optimized to meet demand and service levels at minimal cost. Realizing a feasible workload is essential for a good flow on the shopfloor.

Workforce planning

Togetr Workforce Planning supports smart assignment of work to employees. Tasks are assigned based on competencies and availability. Work can also be assigned to a team. Employees of that team can then schedule tasks for themselves. Togetr Planning is able to advise on assignment of work.

Advanced Scenario Planning

Togetr offers the planner advanced support for making trade-offs - lead time - capacity - material availability. These smart advices are calculated on-line. Artificial Intelligence based on the computing power of the cloud.

Buffer Management

Togetr offers Supply chain Manager the possibility to calculate the height of the stock points based on the demand statistics. This means that the stock decoupling point is determined dynamically.

What makes Togetr Planning unique?

Togetr Planning offers the following unique functionalities:
  1. Supports various production typologies such as Make-to-Stock, Engineer-to-Order and Configure-to-Order.
  2. It provides an answer to the dynamic nature of material and capacity planning.
  3. Application of smart mathematical algorithms to support the planner even better.

Togetr Planning business value

Togetr Planning creates the following business value:
  1. Effective sales & operation planning ensures a significantly more manageable company.
  2. Near real-time material & capacity planning means that planning is constantly moving with the changes of every day.
  3. With Supply Chain Planning, real-time communication throughout the chain becomes possible. SCM is designed from a supply chain perspective.