Togetr Digital Factory

Togetr Digital Factory


Remaining or becoming market leader as a manufacturing company - how to achieve this in a dynamic competitive (battle) field? The urgency of this question is reinforced by the following developments:
The urgency is increased by the following developments:
1. Increasing number of product variants (employees must switch faster).
2. Unpredictability market volume increases.
3. Faster order of new products.
4. Increasing complexity of products.
5. Zero defect / first time right performance requires uniform working methods.
6. Differences in skills & staff (permanent-flex, experienced-inexperienced, young-old.
'World Class Manufacturing' philosophy offers a starting point, but how to execute this in real day to day life? With Togetr Digital Factory you can respond well to the increased requirements for your company. The digital shop floor is within reach and with it the implementation of effective working methods, cost savings, lead time reduction and significant quality improvement. Digital product passports are created on the fly through simple measurements and IoT data. 

Togetr Digital Factory Functionalities

Togetr Digital Factory offers improved  shopfloor flow and boosts quality.

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Process routings & Work Instructions

Togetr offers a shop floor solution for both complex assembly, job shop and the production of monoparts. With Togetr Digital Factory, operations can be detailed with micro-routings. These steps support operators on the shop floor who carry out assembly work. Work instructions are linked to process steps, making assembly work easier. 

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Time Tracking & Logging

Togetr Digital Factory offers a start-stop functionality that allows operators to automatically log their hours. This makes both the recording of productive and non-productive time sharper than ever. This is important for the pre- and post-calculation and provides insight into the sometimes significant improvements in the process.

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Quality Management

Togetr Digital Factory offers extensive quality management functionality. Operators can easily log technical errors and errors in the process via tickets and assign them to the right product engineer for analysis and follow-up. This leads to sustainable solutions and knowledge building. This also enables prevention of recurring defects.

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OCAP & Pareto Analysis

Gaining insight into deviations and how to act is very important. In Togetr Digital Factory, tickets can be categorized, linked to the symptom and root cause. Making Out of Control Action Plans (OCAP) available in a knowledge base provides Operators with input to quickly take the appropriate actions in case of deviations from the defined standard.

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Digital Product Passport

Recording how the assembly was carried out, under what conditions and by whom is essential for safeguarding quality data throughout the supply chain. This also applies to the 'tracking' of the materials and material versions used. Togetr Digital Factory automatically ensures that all this data is recorded in the Digital Product Passport; increasingly a requirement in many supply chains.

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Operational Process Management

Togetr Digital Factory offers operational management with IoT / Statistical Process Control insight into the relevant process data. Time series databases, KPIs and hardware integration are key aspects. These metrics from entered by Operators and collected from machine data are critical to remain operationally in control. At the same time, this offers tools to optimize work. 

What makes Togetr Digital Factory unique

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Togetr Digital Factory offers the following unique functionalities:
  1. Combination of hardware & robotics with business control systems.
  2. IoT user data combined with engineering, work preparation data and production data.
  3. Multiple control types in one solution: QRM, Kanban, polca, Load Oriented release, Order driven and so on.

Togetr Digital Factory business value

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Togetr Digital Factory creates the following business value:
  1. Increasing the productivity of the mechanic and process engineer shorter cycle times, packaging time and reduction of the postion time.
  2. Increase in quality reduction of errors zero defects support of a continuous learning and improvement program: Lean-6-Sigma support.
  3. Compiling a product passport - automatically enabling a Device History Record based on sensor information.