Togetr Enterprise Resource Planning

What is Togetr ERP?

You are facing major challenges, not only in the marketplace but also in your organization. How can in response to this apply new available technologies in your company? Is it possible to develop your organization step by step instead of through a 'big bang'. And how do you ensure that information is not fragmented in different applications, but is integrally available to employees? In addition: how does your application landscape remain simple and insightful.
Togetr ERP is an all-in-one cloud business management solution for manufacturing companies in the High Tech, Mechanical Engineering, and Metal industry. Companies in these sectors have different primary processes, with one being more organized as an engineer-to-order organization; others mainly have a configure-to-order or make-to-stock primary process. Togetr ERP is able to support these primary processes with a single, integrated suite of applications for sales and purchase order processing management, inventory and warehouse management, production management, and supply chain management. Togetr ERP gives manufacturing companies clear insight into performance and tighter control over their business operations. With higher operating margins as a result.

Togetr ERP Functionalities

Togetr ERP offers an integral solution for your company to lead  & manage, to streamline processes and get the insights needed.

Project Management

Manage and manage your Engineer to Order projects. Togetr Project management supports a solid execution of this type of work that flows through your production process. The module supports a robust pre- and post-calculation of materials, man and machine hours. This ensures excellent budget control.

Order management

Streamline the primary process from order processing to shipment. Eliminate bottlenecks by automating sales and purchasing processes, warehouse fulfillment, and production order processing. In addition to efficiency gains, this delivers increasing quality and therefore a solid execution from sales quotation to order fulfillment. 

Inventory Management

Keep inventory levels and costs at low levels while still meeting tight delivery times. Togetr Warehousing supports keeping track of inventory at multiple locations, determining replenishments taking into account safety stocks. Optimize warehouse operations with easy scanning capabilities.

Supply chain management

Determine in near real time based on customer demand, available stocks, lead times and occupancy rate. And what purchasing should order in which quantities. With a visual breakdown, Togetr Supply Chain Management shows the relationship between production orders and purchase orders. This enables to manage the dynamics in your production process.

Shop Floor Control

Realize paperless production and assembly process. Togetr enables digital management of work orders, workload management and detailed planning, pre- and post-calculation of orders. Combine this with production management concepts such as QRM and KanBan to ensure optimal flow on the factory shopfloor.

Enterprise Data Management

Interpretation of data is only possible if definitions are transparent to all users in order to prevent misunderstandings. You can easily add and manage basic data definitions in Togetr. In addition to customers, prospects, units, departments, locations, also definitions of production data: articles, bills of materials, revisions, machining plans, tasks and operations and so on.

Why makes Togetr ERP unique?

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Togetr ERP offers the following unique functionalities.

  1. Supports business processes for all positions towards the customer order decoupling point, for both the flow shop and the job shop.
  2. Task management: through tasks - structured tasks and unstructured, role-based and personal tasks.
  3. Near Real-time decision support for both planning and execution processes. Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence based data management

Togetr ERP business value

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Togetr CRM creates the following business value:

  1. Better decisions: Gain insight into your operational data from across the organization. Dashboards, reports and visual analyses deliver means for effective control.
  2. Simplify and optimize your business: manage inventory, operations, supply chain, distribution and more from a single application.
  3. Better coordination and control: collaboration and coordination between departments and teams is essential for good business operations.