Togetr Customer Relationship Management

Togetr CRM

Focusing on the customer relationship is essential for your company. Togetr CRM helps manage customer data. CRM also provides support for sales management and a wide range of actionable insights.
Actively developing a sales funnel with your team is essential for the sales objectives. Sharing and communicating with each other about results and progress, results in momentum and better results. Documenting and sharing the activities that need to be carried out provides insight into progress and results. A 360-degree view of the customer is essential for modern business operations.

Togetr CRM Functionality

Togetr CRM offers multiple functionalities that improve your sales processes and provides 360 degree insight into your customers.

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Sales Force Automations & Workflow Management

Togetr CRM offers excellent support of your sales process. A good qualification of leads and their follow-up. Repetitive processes can be started with workflows where activities are distributed among team members. Your sales and marketing staff can work together effectively and spend their time on more complex substantive tasks.

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Funnel & Lead Management

Togetr CRM offers a complete funnel management solution. Based on various criteria, Togetr CRM helpt to identify which prospects to follow up. This results in higher efficiency and productivity of your sales team by helping them focus on the right leads at the right time. 'Loose-end' management is also important in follow-up: there is an automatic signalling if there are no follow-up actions. 

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E-mail intergration

Togetr offers a complete email solution integrated with CRM functionality. Unstructured data in email is automatically linked to structured information such as customer and contact details, but also orders, projects, calls. This provides email transparency for the entire organization unless confidentiality is required. And with that significantly less communication and search time.

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Sales Dashboards

Insight into CRM performance is of great importance to be able to steer as sales management. It is important to determine the right CRM performance indicators: Togetr CRM contains various visual performance metrics to see results.  Realization data from various sources - including financial, production or service data - can be combined.

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Getting Things Done Togetr

Everyone struggles every day with an overload of information to process. To continue working effectively, Togetr supports the flow of Getting Things Done, for individual use and in a team context as well. Create tasks from email for yourself or a colleague or team activities during a meeting for handling the workload together. Everything to keep your head and inbox empty every day and to be able to work in an action-oriented way.

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Automatic notifcation

With Togetr CRM you can track the activities of others and stay informedautomatically of, for example, email conversations, progress notifications and changes in deadlines. This ensures 'silent' communication and prevents you from having to make a lot of inquiries with colleagues about progress and handling. Transfer of work also becomes substantially easier.

What makes Togetr CRM unique?

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Togetr CRM offers the following unique functionalities.

  1. Togetr CRM combines CRM with Work management Solutions. 
    Make your insight actionable. It automates and documents the sales process.
  2. Togetr CRM supports ‘Getting Things Done’ concepts.
  3. Togetr CRM offers a 360-customer based on structured and unstructured information.

Togetr CRM business value

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Togetr CRM creates the following business value:

  1. Better sales results through an action-oriented CRM combined with automatically linked context information.
  2. More effective collaboration, more job satisfaction in and between sales teams and with the other departments of your organization.
  3. Significant time savings: Through silent communication and less search time, your employees can spend more time on their core tasks.