Knowledge of your market

Years of experience in the industry, innovative software suitable for your market.

High tech

High-quality knowledge, precision and innovation characterize the high tech industry. Supply Chain integration, responsive planning, excellent operator support for assembly activities are strategic themes for the coming decade.

Mechanical engineering

Scale innovation to mass customization. A truth for the machine for all aspects, such as sales, work preparation, engineering, production and service.

Metal industry

A digital factory, combining data from the smart machines and making a good support of the execution. The in-flow production that minimizes waiting times offer better performance. Supporting work preparation. Production can be both anonymous and customer-specific.

Vehicle body constructors

The construction of trucks, trailers and agricultural machinery have often outgrown the family businesses. Mass customization, delivering at competitive prices, where it is standardized where possible and customization is delivered where necessary, strengthen the strength of coachbuilders.

Construction supply

Steel constructions, doors, windows, wall systems. Construction is increasingly adopting in an industrialized way. The Planning around the construction site requires good chain planning, project management and coordination with the supplying factories.


The innovation combined with the need for profitability present the electronics challenges. High-mix, low volume requires a smart combination of innovation and business model. Smartly combine the IoT data with our company data.