Cloud Based Solutions

Enrich your current applications or add new applications.

Togetr CRM

Improve marketing and sales results with Togetr CRM. Make sure your employees work together in an actionable and effective way. Less search and coordination time allows them to spend more time with customers and prospects. They achieve more results in less time and with more job satisfaction.

Togetr ERP

Improve operating margins through better visibility and control. Togetr ERP is an all-in-one cloud solution for automating core processes, providing real-time insight into operational and financial performance. Togetr offers an integrated suite of applications for managing sales and purchasing order processing, project management, cost control, inventory management, production planning and supply chain management.

Togetr Planning

Achieve real-time insight and ensure real-time matching of supply and demand. Based on demand characteristics, optimal delivery planning is offered. Optimize buffer size, capacity deployment and delivery times. Togetr offers planner support to enable optimal assessment. In addition, Togetr offers material as capacity control for all positions of the customer order decoupling point.

Togetr Digital Factory

Focus on quality and efficiency. Support product engineers and mechanics with work instructions in achieving optimal quality and efficiency. Product passports, device history records, improvement programs and the right control data provide better execution of assembly activities. IoT data - measurement data enriches the product passport.

Togetr Product Configurator

Scale your business. Step by step. Standardize and modularize your product range in order to reduce engineering and work preparation costs. Put customer demand at the centre and, if necessary, add specific customer wishes to your modularised offer. Automate your quotation process. Configure and issue a solid quote. Fast and error-free.

Togetr Service

Optimal service is important for great customer succes rates. Service activities that are efficiently planned and carefully carried out on the basis of the agreed maintenance contract. Sensor information offers possibilities for proactively carrying out maintenance work.