About Togetr

Our mission


Provide industrial companies with a Smart Manufacturing Platform to gain and defend competitive advantage in the global market. That is what we stand for.
We see that the architecture of business applications will fundamentally change in the coming years. This development is driven by the fact that people and the organizations where they work increasingly want to work more purposefully together. More innovative and faster too.

Togetr is a dynamic and growing software company based in Veenendaal, The Netherlands. With Togetr Smart Manufacturing Platform we offer innovative solutions for the High Tech industry in particular, built on the basis of a low-code, model-driven architecture.
Smart applications, a powerful functional and technically agile architecture and the support of far-reaching robotization in the industry make Togetr nationally and internationally innovative and differentiating. Keywords are model-driven -low code- software development, mass customization, dynamic workflows, Big Data and chain optimization.


Prominent names from the Dutch industry including Mitsubishi, Valk Welding, NTS Group, Altrex, 247TailorSteel, Safan Darley, Royal Euroma are successfully shaping their digital transformation, in collaboration with Togetr.