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How to prevent a VanMoof scenario

This week it was officially announced that VanMoof is bankrupt. The well known Amsterdam ‘cool’ E-bike manufacturer with customers from Tokyo to New York. Customers had to pay € 3,500 to be able to ride such a bike. Unfortunately and really sad, because ...

21 July 2023

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Tecnotion starts with Togetr Digital Factory

Tecnotion, specialized in the production and customization of high-tech direct drive motors, started the implementation of the Togetr Digital Factory module after a period intensive preparation. Reason for Tecnotion to start this ambitious program is the ...

30 June 2023

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'Making IoT applications for our manufacturing customers’

Rick van de Kuilen has been working at Togetr since September 2022. I interviewed him to introduce a new face behind Togetr's software development to a wider audience. Rick, you have been working at Togetr for almost a year, why did you choose Togetr at ...

21 June 2023

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Why Togetr?

Leave the limitations of legacy suppliers behind you and realize a smart organization! Only Togetr gives you the power to adapt to a changing world and deploy modern technology step by step!

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