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Is Statistics Key to Scaling Up High Tech Sector?

High Tech seems to have ended up in 'Perfect Storm'...  In the High Tech industry, extremely high quality requirements apply. In addition, the supply pressures on the High Tech sector remains high. Technological developments are changing at lightning ...

15 February 2023

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ASML and the stove pipe...

And there it was again: the stovepipe metaphor. We were invited to a meeting at ASML in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Meeting up to talk about the Togetr software solutions, in particular about the issue of supply chain logistics. Are there opportunities ...

5 December 2022

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High tech products, low tech processes...

In the southern and eastern regions of the Netherlands there are a lot of high tech companies. What is happening here in the Netherlands is viewed with admiration elsewhere in the world. At the Precision Fair this week in Den Bosch, The Netherlands you ...

18 November 2022

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