Why Togetr?

Leave the limitations of legacy business applications behind
and realize a smart manufacturing enterprise.

ogetr gives you the power to adapt to a changing world
and implement modern technology step-by-step.
 Better results through strong collaboration - from sensors to the cloud!

Functional flexibility

Togetr has been built on years of experience in the global manufacturing industry. Togetr offers smart applications tailored to different manufacturing typologies: HighMix - LowVolume, HighMix - HighVolume, Engineer-to-Order, Configure-to-Order, Make-to-Stock. This offers powerful functional flexibility.

Digitize, based on broad experience in the manufacturing industry.

Best in Class - Integrated

In contrast to ERP systems combined with best of breed applications, Togetr brings the best configurator, planning and execution applications into one powerful system. Togetr adds machine learning, data intelligence and smart algorithms. It provides you with a strong foundation that enables you to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Innovate, based on a powerful foundation. 

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Change is relentless, and hard-coded, inflexible systems make it nearly impossible to keep up. We've designed our platform to be open, extensible, and configurable so you can adapt as often as you need to. And with a system that automatically delivers the latest innovation, you're always ready for what's next.

Optimize, and change your business processes whenever necessary.

Togetr experience

We're in for the long run. Not only as a Smart Manufacturing software supplier, but also as a partner. We support you every step of the way, from rapid implementation to working side by side to ensure continued success.

Experience our partnership.

Task Management

To ensure productivity, simplicity and purpose, the core of Togetr technology is task oriented. From sales, support staffs to the shopfloor employees. The fast flow of work through your organzation is essential to not only increase margins but also employee satisfaction.

Guarantee simplicity through task management​.

Chain Dynamics

Many companies are part of a TIER 1-N supply chain that ends at the OEM. This means data must be easily communicated in the chain. Data such as planning, engineering and work preparation data as well as product passports, device history records and quality data. To this end Togetr provides unprecedented Smart Supply Chain technology.

Fastforward your supply chain. 

Togetr: Functional Flexibility


Innovation Step by Step!