Togetr Product Configurator

Togetr Product Configurator

You want to respond quickly and appropriately to specific customer questions. At the same time, you want to produce efficiently, making maximum use of standard components, prices and processes. As much as possible, meet customer demand with as many standard available components as possible. Smart Customization!
For companies in the manufacturing industry, the one 'product truth' is essential. Sales, engineering, planning, production and service use the same product and process data. That one product truth must be modeled on the basis of generic product models. During this sales and engineering process, customer-specific bills of materials, processing sheets and price lists are generated.
Togetr Product Configurator offers powerful support for this process from sales and engineering through production to service. Our solution can be implemented step by step. Simple and efficient! 

Togetr Product Configurator Functionalities

Enabling you to scale up your business.

Multi channel sales

Many manufacturing companies sell their products by their own salesteams but also through a network of dealers. In specific cases, an online strategy is followed. Togetr Product configurator supports these various sales processes. Integration with Togetr CRM significantly strenghtens the commercial process.

Need based Configurator

A customer's demand is often defined by required functions or needs. These functions can be related to each other and are the basis for the choices that determine the configuration. This means simplicity in sales and recognition by the customer.

Growing Document Generation

The Togetr Product Configurator is able to support a growing level of detail in the various documents that are generated in the sales and engineering process. As this design process progresses, the customer-specific structure grows. Togetr supports a step-by-step modularization of the product or process structure.

Design Automation

To make the smart selection of 2D and 3D drawings, Togetr Configurator can support the engineers. Parameters, CAD drawing selections support the engineer in quickly designing the customer demand. An integration with your CAD system makes it possible to reduce engineering time.

Rule Engine

Knowledge and logic of the product and process structure is recorded using the Togetr Rule engine. From simple matrices where option values depend on multiple feature values to complex logic, where carefulness is important.
In addition, the rule engineer can also be applied to related business functions.

Add-on variability

Because Togetr can link every variation structure to enterprise entities, a lot of flexibility is offered. Customer-specific data structures can be added to project, articles, orders, etc.
This also applies to processes. Chec lists, and workflow driven by customer demand are relevant applications.

What makes Togetr Product Configurator unique?

Togetr Product Configurator contains the following unique features:
  1. Phased and growing product and process structures. Depending on the progress of the sales and engineering process, a customer-specific product or process structure is created.
  2. Depending on the experience and role of your employees, flexibly assign the configuration question. Technical details can be configured by engineers to complement the sales process. An experienced sales engineer can also do it independently.
  3. The smart combination of the product configurator and the (chain) logistics: for example, a customer can then choose an option depending on the availability / delivery time.

Togetr Product Configurator business value

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Togetr CRM creates the following business value:

  1. Cost reduction of production and assembly by standardizing design and execution processes.
  2. Reduction of non-value-adding engineering time; support sales by automating the quotation and sales process.
  3. Servitization is made possible by creating the one product truth which provides insight into all life stages of your delivered product.