Faster, better products based on customer demand

Strengthen your engineering with our modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution! Manage the variation of the customer demand with an innovative product configuration solution. Lower your engineering cost by applying modular BOMs (Bill Of Materials) and routings!

Togetr PLM is an enterprise solution that supports the maintenance of project, product, design, and development data. Based on a modular, generic product models of customer specific data can be generated. Togetr PLM is useful for the automation of both simple documents and IoT sensor data, as well as for the maintenance of all product data and the changes occurring during the entire life cycle.


Intelligent configuration

Intelligent and simple

To reduce engineering costs, the use of modular product models serves as basis for the customer choices. Togetr PLM combines a Life Cycle solution with a product configuration solution. Based on the selected product, features and selected options of a customer specific product structure will be generated.

The use of Togetr PLM offers an effective management of product variation and single product manufacturing. Togetr provides transparency and effective cooperation tooling within the enterprise and across the borders.



Central product information for all processes

The central maintenance of product information is important for each enterprise.


Added Value

The management of product variation, engineering changes and the related workflow are the main components of Togetr PLM.