Strengthen your Control of the Factory!

The control of your factory is important. Visibility of the available capacity, lead times, quality and production results are key performance indicators! The throughput of your factory makes your organization competitive.

Togetr MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an enterprise solution to control your factory. Togetr MES supports key processes, like engineering, and factory operational processes. Togetr MES also supports Lean practices and QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) principles. Your factory team is supported by innovative tooling to deliver manufacturing excellence. Proactive detection of issues, challenges and problems that occur during the manufacturing process is essential.


Complete and smart automation

Reduction of costs by robots and information technology

To be competitive, it is important to automate your factory as much as possible. The total cost per unit needs to be as low as possible. Use your 3-dimensional design data to control the machines of the factory. Togetr MES integration power enables solid integration of machines, robots, and the control of your factory.


Ownership at the Factory Floor

Continuous improvements – reduction of lead times

Togetr MES supports the improvement of your business results and the increase of your agility. Flexibility and a short time to adapt to changes is important. It’s about time. The successful implementation of Togetr MES means the reduction of waste and the elimination of waiting time. It makes your factory smart and agile.


Added value

Togetr MES offers an infrastructure to automate your entire factory. Beyond that: it enables the implementation of Lean and QRM practices.