A smart enterprise solution for customer relationship management

A positive experience of your customers is becoming increasingly important in order to attract or to keep customers. By using Togetr, you can build and maintain long-term customer relations.

These relationships are based on a complete customer record, containing your company's structured and unstructured data.

Togetr CRM is an enterprise solution for customer relationship management. Companies can build a smart relationship to sell and market their products and services. Togetr offers social views and email integration, based on structured and unstructured information.



Use intelligent customer relationships.

The creation and expansion of customer relationship is custom-made work. The relationship needs to fit your customer. By applying intelligent relationships - based on your information - you can reinforce loyalty, trust, and transparency with your customers. Togetr offers visibility towards your customers, and supports your sales team in becoming more effective.

Make the customer relationship predictive by applying smart analysis. Internal and external data make your decisions smarter and proactive.

Togetr helps to make your customer relationships more intelligent, based on your information. Your sales process will be better and more effective.



Personal sales. Knowledge-based interaction.

Personalize your customer experience with complete and personal journeys, building relationships at the right place at the right time.


Added Value

What can Togetr CRM do for my organization? Togetr CRM helps to reduce your sales costs and it increases the profitability of your enterprise's processes. The Togetr CRM insight improves your information availability. It provides an integrated customer view of both structured and unstructured information.